Musical Devotion: Scripture Songs: "Romans 13: 11, 12"

Hello Friends!
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This is my Musical Devotion for this week, inspired by Romans 13:11,12 and a beautiful Steinway Grand piano I had the most wonderful opportunity to play on Thursday night.  It was such a treat -- I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed playing it! 

I love Elliott's commentary which notes "The time during which the Messiah is absent from His people is compared to Night. He is the sun, whose coming converts it to Day.”  It's with this thought that this verse means so much to me.  We are so very close to the Lord's return, and this whole passage in Romans pleads with us to love one another and live in purity as we await His return.  Beloved, our redemption draweth nigh! 

(This song is a little different in that I added some harmonies.  Truthfully, there is a full orchestra and choir, as well…I just can't figure out a way to share it with you inside my head!)  This song is a free download on my Music page.  If you haven't subscribed to my Musical Devotions, I'd love to invite you!  Thanks for supporting me and for all your wonderful and kind comments -- they are greatly appreciated!


Romans 13:11, 12 by Teresa Thomas

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