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Hope Deferred Maketh The Heart Sick - A Hymn by James G. Deck 




"I long to see His glory, I long to hear His voice, I long, without a shadow of darkness, to rejoice!"

Well, I bring you yet another gem from James G. Deck!  I couldn't resist putting the beautiful words of this hymn to song, so that all that long-await Jesus' glorious return could enjoy its melancholoy with me!  

I am recovering from a massive head cold, so I apologize for the occasional cracked voice and nasal tone.  

Lyrics for this hymn are found on page 88 of the book:  Hymns and Sacred Poems by James G. Deck, published by CHAPTER TWO, 13 Plum Lane, London SE18 3AF.  

One last thing - I'm dedicating this recording to my beloved Michael. Happy Birthday, my love!  I so love being 'about our Father's business' with you!   





A Sacred Lament: Psalm 22 - A Song for Good Friday 

My God, my God, 
why have you abandoned me?
Why are you so far from helping me?

I cry day and night 
But You do not answer
And I find no rest

Yet, You're enthroned on the praises of Israel
Our Fathers trusted You....and You rescued them!

They cried out to You
They trusted in You
And You saved them....

So God, my God...why have You abandoned me?
Yet, I'm a worm
I'm scorned for all humanity

They pierce my hands, my feet
I can count all my bones
My heart melts like wax...

(Mi kamocha Ba'elim Adonai?
Mi kamocha e'dar hakodesh
Nora tehillot, oseh pheleh, oseh pheleh...) 

My God, My God, why have you abandoned Me?
Do not be far away, Lord
O, my strength, come rescue my soul from the sword
Save me from the Lions

For You have answered me...

Teresa Thomas Music




Musical Devotion: 'Create In Me a Clean Heart' - Ps. 51 

Create in Me a Clean Heart  
A Musical Devotion Inspired by "Psalm 51"

David.  There are just so many things about him that I love...and so many things not to love.  Bathsheba?  What was he thinking?  Of course, the obvious answer is...he wasn't thinking, which was his first problem.  It was bad enough that he coveted another man's wife, but to have her husband killed to "get her" was another thing altogether...and let's not forget about her unwanted pregnancy.  Compared to David, most of us would say we're "pretty good people" -- we haven't killed anyone or done anything THAT bad in our lives. 

Well, I must confess:  I'm David.  If Nathan were here today, he'd look at me and say, "you're the woman."  I covet my neighbor's "fill-in-the-blank".  I've killed so many people - with my tongue.  I've committed adultery - in my heart.  And I proceed with my life as if all is right with the world. "I'm not THAT bad." 

Today is Yom Kippur.  In Jewish history, it's the day the High Priest would enter into the Holy of Holies and ask for atonement for himself and for the nation of Israel. Yom Kippur is the most precious of days.  It's a day we can come before God with all our sin exposed, repent, plead for restoration, and thank Him dearly for providing for us a High Priest whose blood brings us forgiveness, and who to this day still pleads on our behalf before the Throne.  Yes, we should repent daily, but there is a sweet aroma that lifts to the heavens when the body gathers together in corporate repentance.  And, this is the day God has given us to do just that.  

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God--this is your true and proper worship. Romans 12:1

Today, I will fast, I will repent, and I will pray with the many brethren who deem this day Holy, because God calls it Holy.  I'm so grateful that atonement has been made for my sin!  That like David, I too, can say "Father, create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit within me...cast me not away from Your presence, and restore my soul."

Chag Sameach, beloved friends.



A Devastating Loss 

I was doing homework in the library at the University tonight, when I got a message that a former musician friend has passed away from cancer.  Friends - he only found out he had it... in JULY!  And now, he's gone.  I didn't even know he was sick.  I'm not on Facebook that often, so I didn't see he had been ill.  It is such a shock. 

But, we have this hope, you see: He is now in the shelter of the Most High God. He is no longer suffering.  The plague of cancer will *never* touch him, again.  In fact, death no longer has a grip on him -- he is with the Almighty, in the shadow of His wings!  My heart is *breaking* for his wife and children, tonight.  

Well, I was so distracted after I got the word that I couldn't study.  I packed up my books and went to the practice rooms in the Music Dept.  I no sooner opened my bible to Psalm 91 that a student was knocking on my door saying they were 'closing in 10 minutes at 10pm'.  So, I had 10 minutes to write something for Dave.  It's very short, but I have confidence he is no longer suffering, and in the Presence of our God. 

Lord, be with Karin and the children, tonight - give them comfort and peace.  
Even when our hearts are breaking, we will still trust You, Lord.  



Musical Devotion: Scripture Songs: "Romans 13: 11, 12" 

Hello Friends!
  *Click Here To See My Musical Devotion!

This is my Musical Devotion for this week, inspired by Romans 13:11,12 and a beautiful Steinway Grand piano I had the most wonderful opportunity to play on Thursday night.  It was such a treat -- I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed playing it! 

I love Elliott's commentary which notes "The time during which the Messiah is absent from His people is compared to Night. He is the sun, whose coming converts it to Day.”  It's with this thought that this verse means so much to me.  We are so very close to the Lord's return, and this whole passage in Romans pleads with us to love one another and live in purity as we await His return.  Beloved, our redemption draweth nigh! 

(This song is a little different in that I added some harmonies.  Truthfully, there is a full orchestra and choir, as well…I just can't figure out a way to share it with you inside my head!)  This song is a free download on my Music page.  If you haven't subscribed to my Musical Devotions, I'd love to invite you!  Thanks for supporting me and for all your wonderful and kind comments -- they are greatly appreciated!


Romans 13:11, 12 by Teresa Thomas

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Musical Devotion: Psalm Songs - "Wings" (Ps. 55 & 91) 


Today's Musical Devotion is part of my 'Psalm Songs' series.  Last week, I shared that I love to put music to unknown hymns, and I love to write music for the Psalms as well.  Today's song is inspired from Psalm 55, written by King David, and Psalm 91 (which I highly suspect was written by David, though we don't know for sure.)   I do find it rather amusing that the fierce, courageous, bold little David that took on Goliath is the same David that writes the words, "If I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and find rest"! 

The Psalms are full with instruction, history, prophecy, praise and encouragement.  I have held onto them in my darkest moments, and shouted them with the loudest praises.  I hope you will find them to be as much a blessing as I have.

This is a live performance recording -- I did not have the ability to adjust volume of instruments, etc.  It's available as a Free Download on my Music page. Enjoy!