A Devastating Loss

I was doing homework in the library at the University tonight, when I got a message that a former musician friend has passed away from cancer.  Friends - he only found out he had it... in JULY!  And now, he's gone.  I didn't even know he was sick.  I'm not on Facebook that often, so I didn't see he had been ill.  It is such a shock. 

But, we have this hope, you see: He is now in the shelter of the Most High God. He is no longer suffering.  The plague of cancer will *never* touch him, again.  In fact, death no longer has a grip on him -- he is with the Almighty, in the shadow of His wings!  My heart is *breaking* for his wife and children, tonight.  

Well, I was so distracted after I got the word that I couldn't study.  I packed up my books and went to the practice rooms in the Music Dept.  I no sooner opened my bible to Psalm 91 that a student was knocking on my door saying they were 'closing in 10 minutes at 10pm'.  So, I had 10 minutes to write something for Dave.  It's very short, but I have confidence he is no longer suffering, and in the Presence of our God. 

Lord, be with Karin and the children, tonight - give them comfort and peace.  
Even when our hearts are breaking, we will still trust You, Lord.  



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