Cross of Christ - 'Approaching Violet' song

Cross of Christ by Teresa Thomas

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Many years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of playing in a Christian rock band called "Approaching Violet"!  We had such a wonderful time writing songs together.  This is one of my songs from that time -- it was a treat finding the CD in a box while packing to move!

Approaching Violet:  Terry Butler (drums); Len Sitnick (bass); Richard Day (guitar); me - piano/vocals


Cross of Christ

Oh Cross of Christ,

Love's sweetest face

For there my sin, He dared embrace

And there in death and agony

my Savior bled and died for me


'Father, forgive'...Love's sweetest words

Each dying breath such grace for me

O Love of God, how rich, how pure...

Because of Calvary





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