Songs for a Blustery Day! (Sneak Peek of the CD!) 

So many of you are asking when my CD will be released, and the answer is SOON!!  Final mixes should be sent soon to then have mastered and packaged, BUT.....I've put together a mini-montage of a few songs from album for you to preview in the player, below!!  (Just click on the orange 'play' button.)   I truly hope you enjoy it!

In other news, I'm still playing a set from 11am-1pm at David's Tent every Wednesday until Nov. 6th, so please come join me in worshiping the Lord on the Ellipse in Washington, DC!  I'm also beginning planning for my upcoming mission trip to New Zealand, where I'll be leading worship for Celebrate Messiah NZ's two conferences in Auckland and Christchurch, partnering with Scott Brown (our former pastor and current director of CMNZ) in leading concerts of prayer, singing for Pastor Ray Watson's wonderful congregation at Pursuit Church in Auckland, revisiting the beatiful women from the Daughters of Zion Fellowship in Auckland, worshiping at in Invercargill at the Herud's home fellowship outreach to Israelis back-packing in NZ, and cooking for Thanksgiving with my friend Margie Brown! When I return from NZ, I will be having a 2-day stop-over in Los Angeles visiting my producer, Wendy Waldman, before I head back to the East Coast.  I appreciate your prayers that the Lord leads me to the right songs for these conferences and events, for safe travels, and that my family will be well while I'm away.  Thank you so much!!

If you have any comments or questions on the songs, feel free to post them below.  

Blessings & Shalom,


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