NZ Bound!

I'm so excited to be sharing in song with Pastors Ray and Pam Watson of Pursuit Church in Auckland, NZ on Sunday morning!  I had the most wonderful opportunity of meeting Ray many years ago via ""!  At the time, I never imagined I'd ever make it to New Zealand and have the opportunity to meet him in person!  But, the Lord sure does incredible things.  A little under 10 years later, Michael and I found ourselves in the Auckland airport on a journey with our friend and pastor who was seeking a home on the South Island.  (He asked us to consider moving to NZ with him, and so we were on a mission there to pray and seek the Lord as to whether or not that is something he would have for our future.  It's now 6 years later, and we are still seeking the Lord about it!)  

Well, when Ray heard we would be in Auckland, he drove to the airport to meet us in person -- at 5am!  Michael and I were overjoyed to have that meeting with him face-to-face after having only known him through emails for so many years.   We also had the wonderful opportunity of seeing him again back in 2010, when the kids were with us, and Pam, Ray and kids had the opportunity to visit us here in the DC area as well.  Such wonderful reunions!

I can imagine our reunion with our beautiful Savior will be only that much more incredible when we join with him after so many years of knowing each other through prayer, worship and The Word!  So, please pray for me as I travel on Wednesday to the 'land of the long white cloud', and as I share in song this Sunday morning with Ray and Pam's wonderful congregation.  I so look forward to seeing them all again!  

A week later, I will be leading worship for the Auckland and Christchurch Simcha Conferences.  More on those, later!


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