Well, what a welcome back to the East Coast after spending 3 weeks in New Zealand!  I managed to return to an ice and snow storm that has shut down schools for two days, and almost delayed me getting back entirely.  But, I'm back with my family and despite the fact that I desperately miss the warmth of the South Island of NZ, I'm so so happy to be reunited with my darling husband and children!

While In New Zealand, I first had the opportunity to minister at the home church of my dear friends Pam & Ray Watson.  Pastor Ray has been such an incredible encouragement to me for so many years, and his Auckland congregation is *such* a blessing!  

I sang at both the morning service, and then returned for the evening service where the entire evening was devoted to praise and worship. 

I also had the opportunity to lead worship for the Simcha Conferences in Auckland & Christchurch, NZ, hosted by Celebrate Messiah, New Zealand.  The conferences were such a delight.  I lead all the music sets, and our guest speaker was the renowned author and teacher Jesma O'Hara.  Jesma, along with her husband John, runs the wonderful ministry Neighbours Aid Community Stores on the Gold Coast of Australia.  Jesma gave us such wonderful teaching on discipleship, and our long-time friend and director of Celebrate Messiah, NZ, Scott Brown, lead our group discussions. 

After the conferences, Scott, Jesma and I facilitated a Concert of Prayer which incorporated worship and corporate prayer specifically for Messianic ministries within New Zealand, and also for the Messianic body of believers within Israel.  It was a wonderful time of prayer and worship and we can't wait to host another one!   My heart so connected with all the wonderful foks on both the North and South Island of New Zealand, and Scott has given me an open invitation to join the staff of Celebrate Messiah, NZ which I am seriously considering!

A highlight of the trip for me was a visit to Invercargill, NZ where I was able to lead worship at a private Shabbat/Hannukah dinner celebration!  Many of the guests could not make the drive up to Christchurch to participate in the conference, so I brought the Concert of Prayer to them and we were able to participate in prayer and worship together.  I met so many new friends in Invercargill, as well as take some excellent photos of Burt Monroe's motorcycle from the film, "The World's Fastest Indian"!

And speaking of Hannukah, well...how about..

Thanksgivikuh?!  We had a wonderful celebration at Dansey's Pass Holiday Park. The hosts got a 16 lb. turkey on sale for $80!!  Our feast included a roast wild boar, and a meat loaf as well.  An American who lives in Waimeti was able to join us, as well as three Israelis who showed up to the camp for the night.  They enjoyed the food, as well as lighting the Hannukah candles!  

In addition to my ministry events, I also had the most wonderful opportunity to see dear friends in Wellington and Christchurch, and meeting face-to-face friends I have only had the opportunity to know via email for so long.  

The trip concluded with my staying three days in California with my wonderful producer and friend, Wendy Waldman.  We were able to listen to final tracks for my upcoming CD, and make final changes.  The highlight of the trip was my opportunity to join her for her house concert, where she sang to 100 wonderful fans and stole their hearts.  She is such a wonderful song writer.  It is such a privelage to know her and have my record produced by her!!  Hoping that by the end of this week, the CD will be off to be mastered!  Pray!

Thank you so much to you all for your support -- you're the best!

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